Particle Classifier Options

The C-1 Classifier is available in the following configurations:

Confiquration Separation Range

(s = particle density in gm/cc, d = particle size in micron)

Fine-Cut Configuration: dmin = 10/ (square root of s) , dmax = 42/ (square root of s)

Intermediate-Cut Configuration: dmin = 18/ (square root of s) , dmax = 75/ (square root of s)

Coarse-Cut Configuration: dmin = 25/ (square root of s) , dmax = 100/ (square root of s)

All the above machine configurations make clean and sharp cuts within their separation range. Narrow particle size bands can be produced with two consecutive operations.

Accessories to change a classifier from one configuration to another are available.

The classifiers are in use for a variety of materials such as minerals, chemicals, plastics, metal powders, and refractory metals.

For abrasive materials, wear resistant linings and tungsten carbide spray coatings can be applied.